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Interactive Student Notebook! The Case for Common Core!

The Case for Common Core!

This year more than ever before the Interactive Student Notebook makes is what you need to kick of Common Core the right way. 
Whether you are still using the old basal, moved on to novel studies, using a brand new curriculum your school just purchased, or just trying to navigate your way through the chaos, 
This tool is the ultimate organization tool for both you & the kids.

Students from previous years have I've taught referred to it as their "classroom bible". 
I've asked several of them to leave me their copies at the end of the year as future samples and they refused. They wanted to take it to high-school with them because they were so PROUD of their work and  knew they had everything in it to be successful in English & Language Arts.

The interactive Student Notebook is the ultimate differentiating & alternative assessment tool! It can be used across the curriculum - 
in all subjects and from the upper elemtary grades all the way through high school. An interactive Student Notebook serves as a live journal, personalized textbook, and a dynamic working portfolio 
for your students. 

If you've been following my blog you already know that my
 Interactive Student Notebook is my pride & joy!!!

This is a product I worked very hard to develop as I could not find any other resource like it.
When I moved to middle school I found myself with no curriculum,
 was told it was up to me to just figure it out. It was me & the state standards!
WHAT?!?!?!!?! I was only a 2nd year teacher!!!
I knew the ISN was what I needed!!! At the time, there were no resources available for it online, and slowly but surely, I started to develop it with my students to the product it is today.

It is truly my students' mini bible and they take so much pride in their work.
My now high-schoolers call me back EVERY year thanking me for this resource.
For my it's the perfect differentiation & alternative assessment tool.

In the past years that my students & I have used this tool it has greatly evolved.
I know use a combination of notebooking (a style of note-taking) and reflections.
In this packet, I created 100 templates for you to choose from and mix & match
 to work for each of your lessons.

You will see your students & lessons transform and blossom 
as you begin using this resource.

Below are pictures of STUDENTS SAMPLES.
(scroll to the end of this post to see my students' original notebook entries)

I also presented my Interactive Student Notebook in the fabulous 
Everything Intermediate Teaching Expo
where I share my "how to" get started, organize, and use across the curriculum.

(click the images above to purchase this item at a store of your choice )
The file is a zipped PDF. file.
You will need to unzip it to view it. Download WinZip (safe & free) to access the file.

This notebook resource is classroom tested & Common Core aligned!

This file contains an interactive student notebook packet with cover pages, a "how to" mini lesson, and 100 pages worth of templates to help you and your students get started with using this wonderful strategy. 

a cover page for the notebook (with the STARS)
A title page (for student information)
A guide to an Interactive Student Notebook for students to glue into their notebook.
A rubric.
A mini lesson to teach the students how to interact with the notebook. (Let them glue it into their notebook as well)
A Table of Contents for the students to keep track of their mini lessons.
A cover page template to use with the beginning of each unit.
100 Templates for both the right side (teacher input) and left side (student input).
*Mix and Match the templates to make them work for you, for each lesson, and for each student.
Use a variety of reflections to differentiate instruction for your students.
I print out the lessons for my ELL & ESE students while the other students handwrite the notes for differentiation (with some exceptions)

The Interactive Student Notebook nurtures all learning modalities & multiple intelligences.
It is the ultimate authentic assessment tool.

To read feedback, reviews, questions & answers others had about this product visit my

I'd love to hear from you!!!!!

Any questions, ideas, and feedback are welcome!
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