Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I QUIT!!!!

Yes you read it right... I quit!

I haven't posted classroom pictures because I quit my brand new job on the first week of school.
I was absolutely miserable working & being away from my precious little girl. 
I hate the thought that I was taking care of other people's kids, 
while someone else was watching over mine. 
The only reason I even went back to work was that I didn't think we would survive it financially.
Well guess what... as teachers don't make enough to begin with, I was left with very little money after covering day care cost. The paycheck definitely didn't justify waking up so early, being away from my kid so many hours of the day, and working as hard as teachers have to work.
So.... I quit! Hardest & best decision I have yet to ever make.
I absolutely LOVE being a stay at home mom <3

In the mean time, I tutor every day after school & teach a undergraduate reading education course as an adjunct professor at the same university I attended and graduated from.

Unfortunately, you won't be seeing many classroom pictures from me anytime soon.
However, I will continue to create new resources & share them with you.
If you are willing to work with me, I will send you some of these resources and ask you to take and share your classroom & students implementing them.

I hope you stick with me through this journey.
If you have made a similar choice, I'd love to hear about your experience
 and any advice you have to offer. 

Wouldn't you stay home with her too?!? 

Monday, July 15, 2013

New & Welcomed changes 2013!

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It's been too long!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe I haven't blogged in 4 month!!!!

Hubby & I proudly welcomed to the world our first born princess, 
<3 Daniella Joy <3



Her nursery & storybook tree {Pinterest inspired}

You know she'll be reading before she's 4 right?!? hehe

We feel so blessed to have her in our lives!!!!

We also moved into a new home!
it's been pretty amazing these past few month.

I've been having too much fun playing mommy that I could not even think of anything school related. I'm still in denial that I have to go back in August and put her in day care :(

Good new is... I found a new home for my talents :)
I will be switching schools & grade level.
I will be teaching 4th grade at a private Jewish day school 
(and Daniella will be in a day care on the same campus. As close as I can possibly have her to me) 

I am very excited to teach 4th!
I taught 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, so it's only right that I close the gap :)
At that age they are independent but still love school & their teacher!

As 4th is unchartered territory for me, I'd love any advice, suggestions, and activities
 you have to share!
Two of my wonderful bloggy buddies shared their resources with me & I'd love to give them a major shout out for the kindness and creativity. I can't wait to use their amazing resources!!!
Check out their fabulous blogs & resources

 The Teacher Wife 
I would LOVE to do a product swap with other 4th grade teachers if you're interested!!!!
Right now, Daniella & I are visiting family in Israel but will be back home in August right before school begins. I will be working on my Back to School plan in the next few weeks & will share it with all of you as I get it ready.
in the meantime...
Happy Summer!!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sub Tub!

Now... I could've sworn I already posted this a few weeks ago, but I looked back and couldn't find the post!!!! This is a MUST share!

Before I left on maternity leave I decided my (then) Sub folder need some spicing up in case my long term sub will need a sub!!! (yes I'm nuts!)
(I do have remote access from my personal laptop at home to my classroom desktop and a Skype account running on both so I can always see and check up on my sub & students, because I'm a little cray cray and need to be in control! 
Just in case all hell breaks loose...)

So I went ahead and created a new Sub Tub!

It is currently located on top of a bookshelf right across from my teacher's desk.

Here is a close-up of the tub and goodies that are inside.

Inside the tub is my sub folder

I included a letter to the sub from me, a substitute teacher job description, multiple copies for the sub to track and leave notes for me while I'm absent, lined paper for multiple uses, 
A page with the school's key info that includes extension numbers, daily schedule, classroom rules, school rules, 
School's master schedule & early release lunch schedule
Emergency procedure 
both my synthesized version & the school's version

Class lists & Seating Chart

Disciplin Forms & weekly (updated) lesson plans


Finally, I added some fun sponge activities from fellow bloggers (can be found on TpT), 
and some crossword puzzles and riddles.

I also added comprehension activities from FCRR & some (quiet time) writing prompts.


I also have this FABULOUS Chicken Soup for the Soul classroom edition with short stories and lots of great activities & discussion. It requires no prep time and can easily be used any time.
Every story carries a moral lesson and the kids love it!!!!
I often use it when I have 10 extra min. here and there.

Other fun activities I had laying around the room and gathered for the tub are Mad Libs, 
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader DVD game (perfect for the Smartboard), Scene It Junio DVD game, I Spy card game, a regular deck of cards, 

A variety of writing prompts in a jar that can be used after quiet reading time, and stickers!!!

Last, but not least... 
You can see that next to the tub is a stack of orange folders.
We know that some subs just can follow along with traditional lesson plans especially if they do not come from an education background 
(i.e. p.e coach, security guy, parents, or whoever they pull into the classroom last second)
So I wanted to put together dummy proof lessons for them.
Each orange folder contains 10 copies of either Super Science or StoryWorks magazine (Scholastic) so that each pair of students in the classroom can share.
I also included all the skill sheets (all are printables from the magazines' website archive) and can be projected via the document camera.

This way I know the kids are actually doing meaningful work while I'm out and are not wasting time. I added a post it with direction for the sub in each pocket folder to make sure they know what to do with it. There are at least 10-12 folders there now and I continue to create them throughout the year.
Best part.. Scholastic magazines are already Common Core aligned and the activities & skill sheets are perfectly matched. I especially like the Paired Texts activities.
My kids love these & don't realize how much they're learning.

Click on the picture above to check out the archive & skill sheets offered.
FABULOUS non-fiction resources!

Whew! That's it!!! 
Every year I like to add new things to keep it fun for the kids and easy enough for the sub.
As I run into new resources I add them as well.

Check out Sally's Sub Tub Party
over at Elementary Matters for lots more ideas!

I'd love to hear your thoughts & ideas. What do you keep in your SubTub?

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!
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