Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pinterest Projects #6! Guided Reading Star Sticks

Today I attempted another quick Pinterest project - Guided Reading sticks.
I compiled a list of comprehension questions for both fiction & non-fiction and created a Power Point template that I could use to print using post-its.
I printed one sheet with the questions on it and layered the post-its (can be any shape you like)  on top of each question. I places the sheet with post-its inside my printer (post its facing down) and printed the questions. They aligned perfectly! (I had to play with the ppt file a few time to get the measurements right)
I peeled each post it off and stuck it to a tongue depressor. They came out perfect!! These would be wonderful for guided reading. In retrospect I probably should have used one color of post-its for fiction and one for non-fiction to make it easier for me to differentiate.


Click on the images to download the template for FREE!

Perfect for any grade level!
Easy, cheap, and quick to make :) - A winner!


  1. Loved these. Thanks for posting them. I will use them with my 5th grders. Christine

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you found them useful!

  3. Can you send this file to me?? Scribd won't let me download it... My email is misssumner@gmail.com

  4. I can't download them from Scribd either, would you send them to me? I would really appreciate it this! We are even the "stars" at my school! How perfect!
    2nd Grade Paradise

  5. Same here... I love the idea, but Scribd asks me to pay for the download. I assume you don't get any of that money, so I don't want to bother. Can you email it to me or maybe post a link to the file as a google doc? Thanks!! anjabeecanfly@hotmail.com

  6. All I needed to do was upload a document for sharing, and I got 24 hours of free Scrib downloads. I uploaded a peer assessment template for students to assess each other's persuasive speech, and voila! Thank you for these guided reading prompts -- they're great!

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  8. Can you please send me a copy, too. I cannot get these to download either.
    Thank you,
    Bea Samples

  9. Can you please send me a copy? I cannot get these to download.
    Lisa Thomas

  10. Love these, thanks for sharing. Do you have a template already made for where to place the sticky notes? I'd LOVE to not have to figure that out! Thanks again for sharing. Can't wait to print and use. Great idea to use two different colors for fiction and nonfiction.

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  12. Hi! Maybe, if you have time (ha!) you could put this on google docs? Then we could all share it without playing Scribd's games. Thanks! :)

  13. Love these task cards. I am going to be using them with my third grade class. Excited


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