Sunday, October 23, 2011

Formal Observation Tomorrow!!!!!

Tomorrow is my formal observation! I hate dog & pony shows!
I'd rather my Principal not tell me she's coming in and just walk in.
She actually came in 2 weeks ago for an "informal" observation without letting me know ahead of time and I rocked it. Now I'm stressed about tomorrow.
I don't plan to deviate from my curriculum because I've missed so much class time with that group already due to the Jewish Holidays.
She will be coming in tomorrow at 10:30 during my second period when I have my advanced 6th grade class.
It is actually a huge group of kids (29). There is no room to move!!!!

Here is the plan so far....

The kids come into my room at 9:55. They will have a shorter DEAR time tomorrow until 10:15 only (instead of 10:30). They will than be asked to quietly read over the story we worked on last week in their workbook.
I will ask the students to write what they already know about main idea & details and write it on their dry erase board and raise it u in the air for a quick pre assessment. I will than ask them to put it aside so we can revisit their answers at the end of the lesson.
Next I will do a short Power Point mini lesson on Main Idea (what is it, how do we locate it, and the difference between stated & implied) & Details (what are they, what is their purpose, and the difference between factual & sensory).
The students will then turn to their group mates and fill out the foldables we created for this lesson last week.
They will write the definitions, how-to, and examples.
I will pick 4 random sticks with students' numbers to share the examples with the whole class.
Here are captured images of my Power Point.


We will then proceed to a Smartboard activity completing a main idea and details graphic organizer
that relates to the story they've read. As I call on students to come to the board and complete the graphic organizer, the rest of the students will fill it in their workbooks.
Lastly, I will ask the students to revisit their initial statement (on their dry erase board) and self assess to see if they were correct.
As students walk out the door they will "park" their exit tickets on my parking lot. Their exit ticket question for the day will be: If my study buddy was out today I would explain that main idea & details are....

This lesson will allow for cooperative group learning, hands-on activity (foldables), use of Graphic Organizers, use of self-assessment, use of technology, etc. {sigh}

I hope it goes well. As I prep the stuff today I will add them to this post.

Wish me luck!


  1. That sounds perfect! Best of luck tomorrow, I can tell it's going to go very well with such a sound lesson plan!

  2. Thanks Kristen! I just added my Power Point slides. What do you think?

  3. Hey Mor, I am seriously impressed! Those are so organized and easy to understand! Did it take you a long time to make them? I need to get back to PPT a bit more with my class. Your principal is in for a great observation for sure!

  4. Thanks Kristen! Power Point is my favorite. Its the most user friendly and easiest to manipulate. It took less than an hour. This way the kids can follow along with their own foldables and copy it down ore easily.

  5. Hi Mor!

    You look like you're ready to WOW the principal!
    I think your lesson looks wonderful and I hope to borrow a few tidbits for my own group--I especially love the foldables.

    Good luck with your observation (I'm sure you'll be GREAT!)

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  6. Good luck! Lesson activities sound great!


  7. Good luck! You'll do great. You've got lots of great ideas in this lesson! :)


  8. Hope your lesson went well. Your plans sounded great!

  9. Great Lesson! I'm sure you were fabulous. Do you have these anywhere to download? This is a great Lesson.:)

  10. Thanks everyone!!!! The lesson went VERY well and I did awesome on the observation!!! More importantly.... the kids had a great time!!!

    Paulina, if you send me an email I'll send them to you.

  11. Hi Mor!
    I am so glad your lesson went well!
    I'd love a copy of the PPoint too...
    What e-mail address should I use?
    I'd love to try this in my classroom too!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  12. Sounds like a great lesson. Would you mind sharing your power point with me? I'd love to try this with my group of 5th graders. What book did you use for your organizer?

  13. That lesson sounds awesome, I am very interested in using the powerpoint in a lesson that I will be teaching soon.. Is it possible if you could send me the powerpoint

  14. This is a great lesson. I would love to see a copy of the powerpoint to use with my students. Is there a way to download it?

  15. What a great lesson idea!! Can I download your PPT??

  16. I would love to download your PPT to use with my class. Is that possible?

  17. I'd love the PPT too - I have an informal observation this week, but thinking something like this would be great for a formal observation. Anything might help! please and THANK YOU for your inspiration!

  18. How do I get a copy of the powerpoint?

  19. Interested in looking at the PPT as well. Such a hard concept for some. Thanks.


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