Monday, December 26, 2011

Treasured Tip - *UPDATED* Foldables Factory!

Welcome to my FoldiFun Factory!!!!!

Foldables are a registered trademark by Dinah Zike. They are interactive 3D graphic organizers created from all types of paper goods and are cut up and folded in different ways, to present different information. They have flaps that fold and can be lifted to reveal information. They encourage student ownership of study material, provide a kinesthetic component to teaching strategies, and promote long-term retention of academic lessons.

4 year ago I attended my first Foldables workshop by the amazing Bag Ladies!
As a 1st year teacher I felt so fortunate that my first PD was a hands-on one.

When I got back to my school I got the whole school hyped up about foldables and still run the foldables workshop every summer during in-service week at my school.

My kids absolutely love making them and are now pros!

Here are some pictures of foldables we make in my class. As we get through the year I will take more pictures and add them to here. Please note that ALL the foldables in the pictures below are students made (including my portfolio)! I did not make any of them. What you see in the pictures below is all student made. I just demonstrated & modeled in class how to make them.


Foldables are easily tied into and across the curriculum. They work for every subject and can be used to review any concept you teach in class.

I love assigning them as hw assignment before a test for the kids to create and use to review. I found that the kids are so creative and definitely think outside of the box, and create amazing foldables!!!

A great way to incorporate all learning modalities & differentiated instruction! (music to my ears :) )

We begin by creating a portfolio to house all of our foldables for the year out of a brown paper bag from the groceries store (free!!!)
The directions can be found in the Bag Ladies book (I will post a video of me creating one step by step)

We then decorate & personalize our portfolios and keep them in our desks/book shelf/bins.

We create a foldable to review every benchmark or strategy we cover in class through out the year (easy authentic assessment grade). The kids can fill in the info individually, in pairs, in groups, or as a whole class.

Creating foldables is also a great opportunities to help students practice multiple step directions.

A few important tips!
In each foldable I have the kids include the words/concepts, definition, teacher/class example, student’s personal/individual example (very very important!!! The kids need to own it!), and an illustration (to help the students visualize the concept. I usually ask them to illustrate the personal example they wrote so that the illustration is based on content and not an abstract concept).

Here are some of my favorite resources to help you get started.
The Bag Ladies – I own all their books & several of their thematic units.
Here are two of the units I own

Dinah Zike – Has awesome books with pictures, examples, and tons of ideas.

Research that supports the use of foldables in the classroom

*NEW foldables*

Back in Thanksgiving I held a Foldables Giveaway!
Jen Ross from The Teachers' Cauldron WON!!!!

My students created a Reader's Toolbox Portfolio for her :)

to hold foldables!!!!!!!!

Here are the foldables she won!!!







Here are some of our new foldables :)

A Journal Foldable

Character Traits


                      I hope you LIKE them :)



  1. I LOVE THIS! I actually started a post about this already and have not finished it. I am going to share this one and treasure it about every 3 weeks! It's so hard to find great ways to do different stuff!


    Empowering Little Learners!

  2. Thanks Jennifer!!! I will be posting more pictures & examples as we get through the year!

  3. Thanks Jen! I posted about it and shared some that we have done recently (that I've taken pictures of anyway...entered the blogging word AFTER school had already started)

  4. I love your great foldables. I teach K, but I tutor in older grades and could definitely use some of these. Have you heard of the Foldables Linky Party over at Thinking of Teaching? It starts tomorrow. Here is the link...

    Kinderland Fun

  5. I love the BAG Ladies. I went to one of their workshops once and I was hooked....and shopping for caution tape from Home Depot. :)
    Great examples!

  6. I love these - I don't know why I don't use them more. My colleague does these in small reading groups that way she can work with just a few kids. I'll have to pass these along to her!

    Thanks :)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  7. GREAT new additions - I especially like the "greater than / less than / equal to" one - would be FANTASTIC for a math centre.

    Runde's Room

  8. Ok, I just made my new year's resolution!! To include at least one of these great foldables each week! These are covered with all kinds of awesome sauce and I know my little nuggets will love them too!!
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  9. I can't believe in the million years I've taught that I've never seen these...I can't wait to show my partner-teacher and start 2012, we teach Math and Science to 3rd graders....the vocab! the skills! the tricks! I can't wait, thank you, thank you!
    Happy New Year!!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  10. Love the "good" pictures!!Can't wait to get them in the mail...I may be "gone" for a while (hoping to be in the hospital tomorrow!), but I WILL get to doing my proper thank you and shout out to you!

    ♥ Jen Ross
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  11. Thanks Ladies!!! I appreciate the love for my foldables!!!

  12. I pinned this on Pinterest this morning. I am amazed at how many times it's been reprinted today. This is popular!

  13. I LOVE foldables. Last year, I started them when I started using the "Notebooking" method of keeping notes when I taught Social Studies. This year, I've started math and reading notebooks. These pictures are wonderful and very inspirational.

    Speaking of inspirational, I recently started blogging after being so inspired by teachers like you. So, thank you.


    Fun in Room 4B

  14. I love foldables too! I haven't used them much the last two years- I teacher Special Education inclusion and they were just too much for the majority of the class. I was so sad- I always used them as graphic organizers!! : (

    Whew! Thank you so much for checking out the guided reading post! I feel much better! I love Beth Newingham too! When I taught upper grades I had kids read too! Great minds think alike (or like Beth's)!

  15. Omg! I love foldables! I use them so much in my classroom! My kids love making them. Thanks for sharing the ones you use and all those neat new ones!

  16. I LOVE FOLDABLES! I use them in my classroom A LOT! Unfortunately, I have no pics since I just started blogging :(
    I attended the ASCD Annual Conference on Differentiated Instruction last March in San Francisco and there were numerous sessions on foldables. I was able to pick up numerous books from Dinah Zike there too. AWESOME post!! thanks!

    Color Me Kinder

  17. In the Hands of a Child has a wonderful book full of over 100 templates for foldables!

  18. I absolutely love these foldables! Hoping to use them in my classroom this year as I am starting interactive journals!

    I just started a new teaching/fashion blog! Check it out!

  19. I love this! Thank you for sharing. I was looking for the perfect way to organize and share character traits!!

    Sweet n Sassy in 2nd


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