Sunday, January 8, 2012

BlogHer '12!

I am soooooooooooooooo flipping excited to attend BlogHer '12 this year!
I got my early bird tickets and can't wait to meet so many of our fabulous bloogy friends this summer!

From their website:

Founded in February 2005 by Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone, BlogHer’s mission is to create opportunities for women who blog to pursue exposure, education, community and economic empowerment. BlogHer is the leading participatory news, entertainment and information network for women online and creates opportunities for its members via a community hub (, annual conferences and a publishing network of more than 2,500 qualified, contextually targeted blog affiliates. BlogHer provides the highest quality content on a range of topics, with all blogs continually edited to meet strict editorial standards, including content quality, category relevance and blog frequency.

Where will BlogHer '12 take place?
BlogHer '12 will take place at the New York Hilton in New York, NY

Who should attend BlogHer '12?
BlogHer is open to anyone and everyone who considers themselves part of the blogosphere; 
BlogHer is particularly focused on highlighting the skills and talents of women who blog. 
All genders, ages, ethnicities, and levels of blogging experience are encouraged to attend!  
We promise there's something for everyone.  
(And in case you're curious, about 10-15% of attendees are men.)

So...... who's planning to attend?!?!

I know Tamara Teaching With TLC & Teaching Blog Addicts, and Charity from The Organized Classroom are def. coming. I know Angela Powell Watson is coming too!!!

Are you in?!?!?!?!?!?



  1. Well, I was REALLY hoping that Cara and Abby would be hosting a teacher blogging conference when they brought it up last summer. But, we haven't heard anything about it, yet. I was saving my money for that one.
    The Blogher conference sounds really, really good. August is the worst time for me. We are in back to school mode then. :( You'll have to blog about it when you go! :)

  2. I wish I could go to New York! Maybe next year :)

    Check out my giveaway!

  3. The timing doesn't work for me - we go back the first week of August for set up.
    But it looks amazing and I can't wait to hear all about it.
    Lucky girl!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher


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