Friday, February 22, 2013

Accelerated Reader Champs!!!

My kids are AR champs!!!!!!!!
I'm so proud of them :)
They hit 1,500 points today and we are half way to our June 1st. 3,000 points goal.
This is my first year implementing Accelerated Readear in the classroom and I have to say my kids really love it. They enjoy the edge the competition gives them.
D.E.A.R. time is the MOST important time of the day in my class. Ususally by the time December comes around they beg me (yes your read right, BEG!!!) to give them more time everyday.
Quite a few of them ask me to stay in for lunch and lounge in the library to read.
A large classroom library with lots of choice and a teacher that LOVES to read and puts reading first will do that for you :)
When asked by colleagues & parents what my secret is to getting my kids to read and kindeling their love for books I answer that its far simpler than they think... I make it a priority by helping kids find books they are interested in and actually give them the time to read in class with music playing in the background. (resulting in superior state test results)
AR is actually hosting their annual event next week -
In the link above you can find printable posters, bookmarks, and certifications for your students to motivate them to participate, read, and take an AR test on March 1st.
My kids are excited to take part of the event and help beat last year's record.


Happy Reading!

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  1. Great to hear! We are also participating in Read the Most on Friday. My school has certified as AM, AR, and Math Facts Model School. I love Renaissance products!!
    Tell your class Congrats from Mississippi!!


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