Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guided Reading & Formal Observation

It's Sunday Funday!!!!

I've def. been a little flaky lately with my posts & really miss blogging.
I have baby brain and can't seem to be doing anything other than nesting these days.

I've been meaning to post these pictures of my Guided Reading Treasure Bag & Binder for the longest time and never got around to it. At last, here they are :)
Also, I had my formal observation several weeks ago
(my P wanted to do it before I go on maternity leave) 
and wanted to share with all of you some of the great strategies I keep in that bag that helped me ace through the observation, as well as give credit to the much deserved talented authors-bloggers who created them. (to whom I'm grateful!)
And not to toot my own horn (yeah right!) I did a fabulous job  :) 
See feedback below. (uggghhh I can be such a show off, sorry!)

Think I'll have a job post maternity leave?!?

ok I'm pushing it, sorry :)
Here is my bag & binder and the goodies you can find in them.
Many of these resources I collected over the years and don't remember where I got them from so I can't give the creators appropriate credit 
(which is why I am not posting a copy of the document for others to download)

Some of these forms are from the fabulous Beth Newingham, Scholastic, and TpT.
They really help me stay organized and keep track of my students' progress.
At the very end of the binder I keep alphabetical records of my students work and forms.

Here are the amazing resources I keep at hand at all time in my bag for daily guided reading activities that the students absolutely love!!!



Task Cards by Rachel Lynett & other authors (I didn't keep track of all)
Stem Questions Fans 


EduPress's board games are a HUGE hit in my guided reading group!
They are quite the financial investment but worth every penny.
(all come with complete teacher guides and lots of student activities & online resources)
are what I use for fiction & non fiction text during guided reading.
The text is high interest and low readability and my kids love it!!!!

Last but not least, I ALWAYS play classical music in the background. It really helps set the tone in the class and my kids focus so much better!!!

To see what the rest of my kids do while I run guided reading visit my centers post.

Happy Sunday All!


  1. Wow! I always love seeing how other people teach reading (one of the many reasons I heart blogging!). You are so organized! Have fun being a mom!
    First Grade Found Me

  2. Clearly you are a fabulous, and super organized teacher and I love seeing all of your resources and ideas for teaching Reading. What caught my attention most here however, is your observation rating. I am always amazed to see how administrators in different schools/districts evaluate teachers using iObservation. Our admins only focus on ONE element, and "Innovating" is not given out very freely.


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